APA6000 Analyzers

Advanced analysis for alkalinity, ammonia/monochloramine, and hardness. The APA 6000 Process Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled process analyzer designed to continuously monitor a specific substance in a sample stream. Whether monitoring industrial effluent or drinking water, operators need a process analyzer they can rely on. Today’s water treatment environment requires precise, around-the-clock control. Hach’s APA 6000™ Process Analyzer performs continuous, unattended and accurate analysis. Comprehensive documentation simplifies installation procedures and illustrated, user-friendly manuals explain calibration routines, troubleshooting techniques and diagnostic tools.

The two basic measurement methods for the instrument are colorimetric and ion-sensitive electrode (ISE).
Each model of the APA 6000 Analyzer is available with a wide range of optional system accessories, offering flexibility, expanded monitoring capabilities and maximized communication.
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APA 6000 High Range Hardness Analyzer 110 - 240 V AC 10 - 1000 mg/L hardness as CaCO3 High Range Hardness (10 - 1000 mg/L) Contact Hach
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