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Chlorine, Coliform, and pH Test Kit, Model CEC-2 (with 240 Vac UV Lamp and Incubator)


Chlorine, Coliform, and pH Test Kit, Model CEC-2 (with 240 Vac UV Lamp and Incubator)
Product #: 2223112


Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.

This item is no longer available.

Coliforms are reliable indicator organisms for testing water quality because they travel with disease-producing microorganisms and are easy to isolate. The presence of coliforms in drinking water indicates the water may not be suitable for drinking and may need to treated with a disinfectant such as chlorine. The coliform test uses tryptose broth and MUG reagent. It provides a reliable, quick way to determine the presumptive presence of coliforms and the specific presence of Escherichia coli, a fecal coliform.
Thirty MUG tubes are supplied along with a long-wave UV lamp for reading results, a 12-well dri-bath incubator, sterile sampling bags containing a dechlorinating agent, and a pH pocket Pal™ Tester. Pillow-packaged DPD reagent is provided for USEPA-accepted chlorine testing, if approved by the state.
Method / Chemistry: Color disc colorimetry; LT/MUG medium.
Test: Chlorine (Free). Range (mg/L): 0-0.7. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 0.02. Number of Tests: 100.
Test: Chlorine (Total). Range (mg/L): 0-3.5. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 0.1. Number of Tests: 100.
Test: Coliform. Range (mg/L): <2.2 to >16 bacteria/100mL. Number of Tests: 10.
Test: pH Pocket Pal™. Range (mg/L): 0-14 pH units. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 0.1 pH unit. Number of Tests: 1000 hrs.
Case style: 21x11.5x11 inches Blue Polypropylene Carrying Case.

  • Model CEC-2 with 120 Vac and Incubator