EZ7300 Microbial Activity ATP Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

Product #: EZ7300.99001C02
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Online monitoring of microbial activity in process water and drinking water applications

The first online microbiology analyser complying with standard method ASTM 4012-81
The EZ7300 Series monitor total bacterial and pathogen load in water by measuring portions of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) of any type of microbial microorganism present in the water sample i.e. bacteria (pathogenic and non-pathogenic), microalgae and protozoa. The analyser can be used as an Early Warning System in various applications with focus on water safety, when high ATP values indicate a potential risk in surpassing a threshold value of microorganisms in the past or in the near future.

Determination of total, intracellular and free ATP levels
Contrary to commonly available manual or semi-automated methods, the EZ7300 Series guarantees complete ATP recovery by quantifying different ATP portions in the sample. Operators now can access data on both extracellular (free) and intracellular ATP values, in order to differentiate living biomass from the non-living.

Advanced features
The EZ7300 Online Microbiology Analyser provides results within minutes and an objective, measurable basis for actions against sudden changes in microbial levels in your process:
- Complying with ASTM D4012-81
- Complete ATP recovery
- No bias from the composition of the growth medium such as with plate counting
- Low cost of analysis relative to a large number of results
- Smart automatic features
- Low maintenance, easy replaceable reagent kit
- Multiple stream analysis

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