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m-ColiBlue24® Broth, Bulk Glass Bottles, Economy Kit, 1000 test

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Use m-ColiBlue24® Broth to accurately monitor and evaluate total coliform and E. coli in drinking water; wastewater; bottled water; beverages; surface, ground, and well water; and ultrapure, chemical processing and pharmaceutical processing waters.
In 24 hours, Hach's m-ColiBlue24® Broth give you simultaneous results for total coliforms and E. coli. With ready-to-use m-ColiBlue24® Broth, you can enumerate total coliforms and E. coli on one petri dish. Differentiate colonies easily-red and blue indicate total coliforms and blue specifies E. coli. Get optimal recovery of stressed and injured organisms. Minimize background growth of non-coliform bacteria.
MCB24 Economy Kits include 200 PALL Metricel GN-6 Membranes (0.45 µm; sterile; indiv. packed), 200 PALL 50 mm petri dishes with nutrient pad, 20x100 mL Glass Bottles (1000 test).

  • Conduct emergency testing and routine monitoring
  • Read and confirm results in 24 hours
  • Get superior sensitivity - 1 CFU/100mL
  • Eliminate special equipment and ultraviolet lamp
  • 1000 tests

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