Sigma 930T Area Velocity Flow Meter with Remote Communications


Sigma 930T Area Velocity Flow Meter with Remote Communications
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The Hach Sigma 930T Remote Communications Flow Meter provides a single supplier solution for the collection and integration of information throughout wastewater and collection systems. Get continuous real-time access to data in remote locations.
The flow meter features multiple communications options, as well as reliable wireless operation. It has Alarm Notification Management and secure data transmission with its data management software. The common data platform is for all system parameters. Another benefit is the long battery life.
Applications: Permanent Collection System Monitoring, Long-term Flow Monitoring, Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies, CSO and SSO studies and Monitoring.
Optional Interfaces for Samplers and Rain Gauges
Note: meter only - no sensors or accessories are included.

  • Monitor Data in Real-time
  • Versatile Set-up
  • Rugged Construction
  • Accurate Level Measurement
  • Advanced Doppler Technology

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