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Power and Steam Generation Industry

Generating Confidence

Hach provides laboratory, online, portable, and service solutions for routine and challenging Power Plant applications. We have the most comprehensive coverage for ultrapure, pure, and non-pure water parameters and the breadth of product solutions to support Fossil Power Plants , Nuclear Power Plants, Cogeneration, and Heat & Steam Production in the industry.

From process monitoring to laboratory verification, Hach is your trusted partner, assuring maximum uptime through preventative protection and superior service for the water and steam applications throughout your entire process: influent water treatment, condensate, boiler feed water, cooling water, and industrial wastewater.


Influent Water Treatment

Pretreat influent water before it truly enters your plant’s system. Proper monitoring is the first defense to maintaining the health of your equipment. Proper treatment in this stage will ensure less treatment downstream within the power and steam generating process.

Parameters Relevant to Influent Water Treatment:

Image of a power plant preparing for influent water treatment.

Steam/Power Generation and Cooling

It is important to ensure water quality to protect plant equipment, including pipes, tubes, turbines, and boilers. Minimise silica levels to prevent turbine blade erosion or monitor DO to prevent corrosion in boilers and steam turbines.

Parameters Relevant to Steam/Power Generation and Cooling:


Image of power plant boilers and steam turbines.
NA5600sc Sodium analyser and 5500sc Silica

Industrial Wastewater

Minimise environmental impact and ensure permit compliance. Monitor and treat for the following parameters to comply with discharge requirements:

Image of industrial influent wastewater treatment.