Chemistries, Reagents and Standards

Chemistries, Reagents and Standards
Hach has more than 60 years of history dedicated to formulating and packaging high-quality reagents for water analysis. We understand your applications and formulate our reagents to ensure exceptional performance and deliver results you can trust, time after time. Our expertise extends beyond chemistry formulation to the complete reagent system. Hach chemistries are rigorously tested in combination with our packaging and instruments to ensure the highest possible system performance. No other company can offer these advantages.
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15249: Nitric Acid, 500 mL Solution 0.009 - 1.400 mg/L Fe 8147 Spectrophotometer FerroZine® Rapid Liquid, Pour Thru Cell FerroZine     Contact Hach
Solution 0.01 - 1.70 mg/L Fe 8112 TPTZ   View
Solution 0.02 - 3.00 mg/L Fe 8008 FerroVer® Powder Pillows or AccuVac Y View
Solution 0.012 - 1.800 mg/L Fe 8112 Spectrophotometer Powder Pillows or AccuVac   View
2105769: FerroVer® Iron Reagent Powder Pillows, 10 mL, pk/100 Powder Pillows 0.1 - 300.0 mg/L Fe 10249 FerroVer® Powder Pillows   View Contact Hach
Powder Pillows 0 - 3.00 mg/L Fe 8008 DR800 Powder Pillows or AccuVac Y View
Powder Pillows 0-3.0, 0-30.0 and 0-300.0 mg/L Fe 10249 DR800 FerroVer® Powder Pillows, LR-MR-HR FerroVer    
Powder Pillows 0.02 - 5.00 mg/L Fe 8008 PCII DR300 Powder Pillows AccuVac   View
Powder Pillows 0.02 - 3.00 mg/L Fe 8008 FerroVer® Powder Pillows or AccuVac Y View
27256: Water, deionised and demineralised, 4 L Solution 0.2 - 6.0 mg/L Fe 10229 TNTplus™ Y   Contact Hach
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