Hach Sigma Area Velocity Sensor, Standard

Product #: 77065-030
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Hach Submerged Area Velocity Sensor

A vast improvement over the current AV Sensor, the new Hach Sigma AV Sensor was specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of Collections Systems operators. This sensor provides accurate and reliable data with minimal maintenance and greater life expectancy than any other AV sensor on the market today! No need for water buckets because the new pressure transducer is accurately calibrated in the factory. New Noryl outer shell protects probe from abrasion and is far more resilient than Encapsulated Epoxy. Sensor Hydrodynamics new design reduces flow disruption. Larger crystals for more reliable Doppler performance.

  • Single point calibration - zero cal. only
  • Sensor Robustness
  • Streamlined design
  • Greater Directivity
  • Greater Directivity