Microfil Funnel & Filter, 100 mL, 0.45 µm 47 mm White Gridded (Millipore)

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Designed to eliminate cleaning and sanitization of filter funnels between uses. Graduated (20, 50, and 100 mL) 100 mL funnels are sterile and ready-to-use. Funnel creates leak-proof seal when seated onto Microfil Stand Alone Support. Excellent for testing water samples from potable, non-potable, source, ambient, industrial, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and wastewater sources. Microfil funnels come with 150 Millipore filters (white; gridded; cellulose and mixed ester composition; 0.45 µm pore size; 47 mm diamter; sterile; individually packed). Microfil V includes integrated filter for added convenience and can be used with standard No. 8 stopper on any filter holder or manifold.

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